Kamis, 24 Agustus 2017

Semalt Expert Elaborates On Gmail Security – Anti-Scam Tips

As users become more aware of the methods that scammers use to phish information, these hackers continue to get creative in their methods. The newest method gaining traction is the one that targets Gmail user from all over the globe. Security experts warn that it may have a significant impact on people who use Gmail.

Using legitimate Gmail links, these scammers are luring unknowing users into clicking links which redirect them to websites where they can steal their information.

Ivan Konovalov, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, provides some ways through which users can reduce the risk of falling victim to such phishing scams. The following is a list of things you need to know.

Wordfence unearthed the Gmail phishing scam. In one of its blog pieces, it has included detailed information as to how these scams work. Scammers target the Gmail accounts that users have with Google and send them very many emails. They use different strategies to try and dupe the user into providing their information. Among the most common methods used is the inclusion of a link, attachment, or disguise themselves as a contact or company familiar to the user.

Upon clicking, the link redirects the user to a page which has a close resemblance to the real Gmail site and asks the user to input their login details one more time to gain access. What users may not know is that this new page is indeed a portal for hackers where they harvest passwords and email addresses. These will give them full access to the user's account and lock them out. With complete control of the account, they then send the malware through their emails to the contacts they find on that account. Security experts advise online users never to use the same logins and passwords for multiple sites as they may use brute force to access other sites that one is currently a member.

Google ascertains that the issue is of relevance and has considered the matter. Currently, the company is looking into newer ways through which they can strengthen their defenses against cyber criminals who use such tactics.

In an interview with one of the Google's spokespersons, they gave a list of ways through which they help maintain user security from phishing attacks to Express.co.uk. Among them were safe browsing warnings, machine learning based detection, preventing suspicious account logins and much more. All of these try to avoid unauthorized entry or detect messages already flagged as a phishing scam. There is also a two-step verification process that users can use to improve their protection status.

If one believes that there are potential phishing emails in their inbox, there are ways through which they can make to reduce data compromise. On the second login page that appears after clicking on a link, if it displays a web domain that is different from what the legitimate one looks like, then it is no doubt a scam. The reason is that hackers use "data URI" which inserts a legitimate address into the fake domain. However, in-between are white spaces where they hide their malicious link. The only way that users can remain safe is to make sure that there is nothing that comes in front of the hostname other than "https://."

Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

Tips Sewa Truk Engkel di Jasa Rental

Truck Engkel

Menggunakan jasa sewa truk engkel merupakan salah satu solusi bagi anda yang mempunyai modal sedikit namun ingin melakukan bisnis angkut barang secara individu. Dari sini kita bisa memulai usaha angkut barang menggunakan truk dengan cepat dan mudah. Selain mudah truk engkel juga dapat menampung barang dengan muatan yang banyak. Namun apakah Anda sudah tau bagaimana cara menyewa truk di salah satu agen rental truk ? Artikel ini akan menjawab pertanyaan tersebut secara lengkap.

Adapun tips cara sewa truk engkel yang mudah di agen penyewaan yaitu dengan memperhatikan :

1. Mengetahui kebutuhan
Menentukan tujuan untuk menyewa truk wajib anda perhatikan sebelum melakukan registerasi penyewaan. Hal ini dikarenakan untuk menyesuaikan dengan jenis truk engkel yang akan anda sewa. Contoh saja ketika anda memerlukan truk engkel untuk memuat material bangunan dengan jumlah yang banyak, anda harus memilih truk engkel yang dipergunakan untuk mengangkut barang tersebut bukan truk yang digunakan untuk mengangkut jenis material lain.

2. Tanyakan Tarif Sewa
Sebelum Anda memilih truk yang akan Anda sewa, sebaiknya Anda berkonsultasi tentang harga sewa dari truk yang Anda pilih. Tanyakan dengan jelas tentang harga tersebut supaya dalam usaha anda nanti anda tidak mengalami kerugian.

3. Tanyakan Syarat & Ketentuan
Tentunya jasa rental truk engkelmemiliki persyarakat dan ketentuan yang berbeda-beda. Oleh karena itu gali informasi sedetail mungkin untuk masalah syarat ini. Agar kedepannya tidak ada permasalahan yang timbul karena kurang informasi tentang persyaratan penyewaan.

4. Cek kondisi truk
Cek dan tanyakan kondisi truk tentang terakhir dilakukan perawatan. Selain itu ambil truk yang memiliki kondisi prima untuk menunjang usaha anda. Hal ini dilakukan supaya dikemudian hari saat kita mengembalikan truk tidak ada permasalahan yang terjadi.

Demikian beberapa tips sewa truk engkel yang dapat Anda gunakan sebagai pedoman saat juga sewa container di rental. Pastikan segala kondisi dan persyaratan terpenuhi. Hal ini bertujuan supaya anda tidak memiliki permasaahan di kemudian harinya.